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Client-Side Vs. Server-Side Rendering

Client-Side Vs. Server-Side Rendering

Blog Tapri 17 August 2023

Client-Side Rendering involves loading a basic HTML file and then using JavaScript to render and populate the content on the user's browser. This means that most of the rendering work is done on the client's side

react vs next js

React vs Next js Performance: A Battle of Optimization

Blog Tapri 4 August 2023

React and Next.js are both excellent choices for building web applications, and the decision between them depends on your project requirements and performance goals. React provides a solid foundation...

React Fragment

React Fragments Mastery: 7 Proven Ways to Supercharge Your App's Rendering!

Blog Tapri 27 July 2023

React Fragments optimize the rendering process, resulting in better performance. By minimizing the number of DOM nodes, Fragments reduce the impact on rendering